OceanTech’s Vision & Forte

  • Usher in never-before-seen digital interoperability in the yachting space.
  • Enable smart maritime systems and machines to become integrated by design.
  • Ensure data variables are automatically and dynamically correlated among and between all entities.
  • Leverage this infrastructure for dynamic ecosystems to develop, with complex partnerships and revenue sharing models
  • Increase efficiencies and drive accelerated performance across the yachting/marine industry and our elected target specifically
  • Utilize our expertise and leadership skills to identify and evaluate potential business opportunities for scale in operations & diversification

Why SPAC is an Ideal Vehicle to Leverage OceanTech’s Proprietary Deal Flow

  • Leisure Marine Industry is an attractive, but unexplored niche for investment
  • We are targeting a Transaction Enterprise Value (EV) in the range of US $ 250 million – US $ 1 billion
  • Our goal is value creation via financial engineering – cash, debt and/or stock

Depth, Diversity and Stature Sets Us Apart

  • Track record of creatively structuring transactions to unlock and maximize value
  • Diverse backgrounds to source, evaluate and transact with a potential target
  • Public/private market investing experience and operational know-how
  • Offer real added value benefits to the target, including strong access to transformative technologies
  • Able to step into management roles and/or operational support, if needed

Experienced Management Team, Board & Strategic Advisors

  • Significant long term track record in creating value for investors
  • Over 150+ years of collective professional experience in this sector
  • Directors who are present leaders & former stalwarts of this industry
  • Substantial experience of investing & operating businesses in multiple sectors