The Marketplace & Drivers Propelling the Boom

We have an in-depth knowledge of all aspects of the yachting/maritime industry – the largest value of domain expertise, track record and IP of which is embedded within the shipyards. The next layer comprises leading  OEM’s which supply key systems, equipment and hardware to construct the yachts. Apart from the new yachts, the level below is the refit shipyards who drive the pre-owned brokerage market. This enables owners to acquire a yacht which is 5-15 years old and within a relatively short time to have the benefit of a highly modernized platform. A large network of specialized sub-contractors with domain expertise and know-how related to the actual installation and integration required by every project supports all these activities and operations. While we may acquire a business in any industry, our focus is the yacht/marine industries of Europe, USA and other developed countries because: